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Although some signs and symptoms of violence in the home are obvious, some might be more subtle — especially those that affect a woman's psyche and not her body. A woman might be a victim if she:

  • has bruises, cuts, burns, scars or other damage to her skin (and claims that she had an accident)
  • has broken bones
  • talks about feeling afraid of her partner
  • talks about her partner's anger or unpredictable behavior
  • goes out less often and becomes isolated from friends and family
  • never seems to have enough of her own money
  • receives endless phone calls or text messages from her partner, who demands to know where she is and what she is doing
  • has chronic health problems that result from stress (such as stomachaches, headaches or insomnia)
  • is depressed
  • cries frequently
  • seems constantly irritated or anxious
  • An abusive relationship can bring a lot of harm to you. It also has a big effect on your kids.
  • If you want help, I can assist you by finding support groups, shelters, legal resources and 800 numbers that you can call.