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Mary Kay and Victoria's Secret nominated and sponsored

Exhaling to New Life.

Thank you MK & VS! for your continue support each year to the surviving homeless women and children of domestic violence

Need A Break, Inc. is proud to announce our non-profit organizat‚Äčion is now a CE with TDA, to operate sites for the 2012 Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). We are servicing this summer two nutrition meals to children 18 and under, low-income families, and persons with disability in Dallas area zip codes; 75215, 75216 and 75224.

Click below! to donate items Coolers, Tents, Chairs and Tables

Need A Break, Inc. Exhaling to New Life program and sponsors gets excited when you make donations and plans to attend our event in the support of the many women who have survived homeless and escape Domestic Violence

Join Need A Break, Inc. Each Year in Celebrating

Exhaling to New Life

Annual Mother's Day

Comedy for Your Soul

 You can help make difference by purchasing your Annual Event tickets each Year or by making a DONATE